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Our business covers economic activity in the field of waste management. We strive to implement the principles of sustainable development understood as economic development in conjunction with the observance of the basic principles of environmental protection. Thanks to this approach the needs of present and future generations can be met.

Our business is mainly purchase and processing of scrap steel, iron, alloy steels, and non-ferrous metals. In the end, we produce full-fledged raw steel which meets the most stringent requirements of customers. We execute assumed economic and business goals, and contribute to the recovery of scrap metal. We care - in global terms - to sustain natural deposits of metals for as long as possible.

Other types of our activities in the field of waste management conducted by us, and aimed at implementation of sustainable development philosophy include:

  • The collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment,
  • Comprehensive services for enterprises in terms of collection and management of industrial waste.

Non-metallic recyclable materials (obtained during the processing of waste) are used in the process of recycling of waste in industrial production. Among the possible options of waste management it is the most desirable solution. Other waste that cannot be recycled is first recovered, and disposed of only as a last resort.

The company's activity is adapted to current technological standards and environmental protection. At each stage we take into account scientific and technological progress, the best available techniques in the field of waste recovery, applicable environmental quality standards, and the requirements of environmental law. Company's activities are adapted to current technological standards and environmental protection.

The Company holds a license for the production, collection, transport, and recovery of waste. A wide range of types of waste that we can manage have been determined based on the need to protect the environment:

  • Against the impact of certain types of waste in the area of ​​economic activity of the company,
  • On the basis of the types of waste produced by a companies serviced by our company in terms of comprehensive management of industrial waste, including mainly waste metal.

All branches of the company have regulated formal legal status (permits for waste management) in accordance with the requirements of following laws:

  • Environmental law, 
  • Waste Act, 
  • Act on waste electrical and electronic equipment.